01/04 Philosophy ABOUT ONO-PROJECT

ONO-Project is an artistic initiative that reveals the authentic beauty in humans through their harmonious relationship with Nature.

Through various creative collaborations, clothing and everyday objects are explored as a way of connecting people with their environment. The way items are created, chosen and used determine and are determined by our values and experiences, with everything being a part of the circularity of life.

Inspired by the natural world, we consider fashion as a creative space where luxury and ethics go together.

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"The values of a universal is that it reveals casual connection" Aristotle
02/04 Collections

Ideas of continuity and sustainability are foundations of our artistic research. Garments and production leftovers from previous collections are used to create one of a kind artistic pieces and to develop new ready-to-wear collections.

Created with a respect to nature and human rights, all of our pieces are produced in France in limited editions. Every piece delivered to a customer has a certificate of origin indicating the name of people who designed and sewed it as well as the fabric used. We use only organic fabrics, provided by GOTs certified suppliers or handmade fabrics from small artisan communities all over the world.

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Collaborative works and unique experimental pieces that reveal our creative process.  Continuity and sustainability form the foundation of ONO artistic research. Together with our collaborators, we explore the relationship between humanity, the natural world and the physical objects around us.

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Founded by  fashion designer Maria Tverdokhleb, ONO-Project is  engaged in and open to various artistic, scientific and business collaborations in order to create and encourage an innovative and ethical path in fashion and other creative industries. Our goal is to build a business based  on environmental and financial sustainability,  transparency and ethical approach. 

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