ONO-Project is an artistic initiative that reveals the authentic beauty in humans through their harmonious relationship with Nature.

Through various creative collaborations, clothing and everyday objects are explored as a way of connecting people with their environment. The way items are created, chosen and used determine and are determined by our values and experiences, with everything being a part of the circularity of life.

Inspired by the natural world, we consider fashion as a creative space where luxury and ethics go together. Part of our collection features handmade fabrics from small artisan’s communities around the world. An integral part of ONO_Project is continuous research and integration combining traditional knowledge with scientific innovations for ethical fabric development and dying techniques.

Limited edition collections are created in France using unique and exquisite materials. We personally validate every supplier to ensure that the fabrics we use are ethically produced.




A Circle… 

An unbroken line with no beginning, no end, no time and no direction. The Sun, The moon, The Earth and The planets..

Perfect ultimate geometric figure, the Unity of a human and the Universe. Harmony between the part and the whole.

The Circle of creation and The Circle of Life. Consolidation of The Universal energy, endless rebirth of forms and ideas….

No beginning, no end, no time and no direction. A Circle of Being in connection with ultimate values and laws of Nature.

Unification of purity of Life and creation, the reason and the action, the meaning and the object.

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