9TH – 15TH MAY

at MI Galery, Paris

This exhibition is an exploration of how the creation of clothes is a part of the Circle of Life; one that also indicates the relationship between humanity, the rest of the natural world and physical objects around us. The purpose is to question how this relationship can shift from the parasitism that is prevalent today, to a form of symbiosis which is mutually beneficial for humanity and the natural world. 

How can man-made objects be created from nature and then return to it as a natural, organic part of a cycle? In this search for the dialogue between man-made aesthetics and the environment, the clothes are seen as a link between the human body and nature.
Together with the garments and fabric sculptures, the exhibition will explore multi-medium installations.

Held in collaboration with Christophe Sachs who will be showing a photography series developed with ONO Project pieces. Christophe Sachs is a conceptograph, photographer and founder of the Gaïarta project (www.gaiarta.com), who explores in his work new paths between art and sustainability.

Symbiosis. Video
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