During the coloration process, a large percentage of the dye does not bind to the fabric and is lost to the wastewater stream. Approximately 10-15% dyes are released into the environment during dyeing process making the effluent highly colored and aesthetically unpleasant. Public perception of water quality is greatly influenced by the colour. So, the removal of colour from wastewater is often viewed as more important than the removal of the soluble colourless organic substances.* 

One of the main purposes of ONO-Project is to research and try different ways of non polluting, vegetable and bacterial dyes as much as possible. At the moment we are working with two vegetable dye ateliers in France in order to find good formulas and obtain even and long lasting colours. Even though, this is an innovative approach so that more trials are needed to integrate these techniques for all the colours and fabrics, we are ready to introduce some naturally dyed pieces in our next collection. 

The dyes used for the first collection are mostly hand made with usage of non toxic fixation.   

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