ONO is a womenswear brand that views fashion as an art form, exploring women’s authentic beauty through its harmonious relationship with the natural world.  Human interaction with the world is a unique act of communication that contributes both to one’s personal lifestyle and universal harmony; the clothes we wear and objects we use are an important part of this interaction.  The way ONO’s pieces are created and worn impact our everyday experiences because they weave seamlessly into our lives, not simply passing through as a simple trend.

ONO is an experimental project where every collection takes inspiration from the previous one, exploring an endless rebirth of creative forms.  Continuity and sustainability form the foundation of our artistic process, in which garments and production leftovers from the previous collection are used to create coutureand ready-to-wear pieces.  For us, creation takes the form of a spiritual process, a way of consolidating universal energy. It is an infinite process that connects spontaneity with technical excellence and attention to detail.

Nowadays, luxury signifies more than access to high quality objects and beautiful design: it also provides us the opportunity to create and to buy sustainable clothes that reflect our values.  ONO’s objective is to make simple yet sophisticated garments that can be worn and appreciated for a long time, contributing to our customers’ harmonious lifestyles. We believe in fashion that celebrates people’s unique beauty, represents their values, and helps them discover their own authenticity.

ONO’s clothes are made with a deep respect for nature and human rights. At ONO, we use only organic fabrics provided by GOT-certified suppliers or handmade fabrics from small artisan’s communities all over the world.  Colours used are non-toxic, and we are investing in development and testing of natural dye techniques, which are already used on some of our garments.

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