Tiger Kisha silk, origin from Bengal, is composed of a sericin coating (25%) wrapped around the fibrion (75%). Harvested according to a non violent method during which the worm is not killed, named “AHIMSA”, the cocoon is collected only after that the butterfly flied away, preserving the shine and “crispy” aspect of the keratin.

The natural colour of the Kisha Tiger Silk is brown with a stripped pattern, because these fibres are secreted by untameable wild silks exclusively fed with oak leaves and multiple other aromatic leaves. The wold worm cocoon is collected in the heart of the Jungle making its harvest difficult. This is why this fabric is extremely rare and has disappeared from the Indian textile history.

This fabric is more resistant than the classic silk because of its fibres that are very long. Beside its physical qualities, the silk has hygroscopic and thermoregulatory properties which allow the fabric to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling damp and also to disperse the heat, thus generating a cooling effect.

On the contrary, in cold temperature conditions, the natural friction of the silk against the skin generates heat, which explains why alpinists favour the silk over the wool for their clothing.

Tiger Kisha silk was used for EM Trousers . Collection “The First Sun”.

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