Kapok Fabric is a new sustainable fabric created and woven much the same way as natural cotton but the process is more delicate. KAPOK fibers are short therefore the fabrics can only be created with special handmade techniques. The material is sources from mountain community manufacture in Nepal.

As the trees are rather large and capable of producing plenty of textiles bearing fruit, this is an extremely renewable resource. Trees grow very fast (2 meters per year) and they are extremely resilient and survive with years. The fabric that is produced looks similar to natural cotton but with a greater insulating power than wool and a substantially later fabric. As Samatoa begins to produce Kapok fabric there will be an increase in the number of trees planted and some exciting revelations in the textile and fashion industry.

Overall Kapok Fabric is still exclusive as it’s difficult and a time consuming process currently, but if you can find products which are created using this natural fiber you will surely have your hands on something that is resilient and high quality.

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